Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spirogyra Part 2

I just finished the first 20 rows of pattern on the Spirogyra mitts and am about to switch to the smaller needles to continue the piece. I'm quite pleased with my progress. The yarn pulled apart on the last set of 12 knit stitches and I had to undo a few stitches to tie the yarn back together but since I felt the yarn going, I didn't lose any work other than the ones I undid myself.

Isn't this yarn gorgeous!??!!!

Shorah Y'all!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Glamour top and Spirogyra Fingerless Mitts

Two of the many projects I'm working on will probably take me some time to complete.

The first is the Glamour top from Patons using their Grace yarn. I'd started it in Ginger for my sister Jennifer but yesterday found enough of the Azure colorway at Michael's to switch to that color. Especially since she really wanted the blue anyway. I'll save the green for another project for myself.

You can see the top here on the Paton's site: Glamour top - it's the one on the cover of the booklet. The instructions are a bit obtuse on some points so I started a post at Ravelry in the Patons Beehive forum to discuss it.

Since I restarted the top last night, I have one of the sleeve medallions done and about an 1.5" of the back completed.

Here is the back portion:

and the sleeve medallion:

Queue up on Ravelry

The second project is the Spirogyra Fingerless Mittens by Lynne Vogel, available for free at Knitty.com. I've started over on the mitts several times since this is only my second knitting project and switched from using four DPNs to using five. Lynne has been very helpful with suggestions for working the mitts and her Spiralling Leaves Fingerless Mitts as well (which is my next knitting project as I have the pattern and yarn all ready to go).

The image below shows my progress on the Spirogyra mitts, after 6 rows of ribbing and 10 rows of the pattern.

Apparently, I'm also knitting inside out as when I work the right side of the piece is inside the round when it is supposed to be on the outside ... oh well.

Spirogyra pattern at Knittyspin: Spring 2008 - free pattern
Spirogyra page at Ravelry
Spiralling Leaves page at Ravelry

Shorah Y'all!

Friday, April 18, 2008

A few finished projects

One of my bosses ordered an afghan for his mother, the Vanna's Choice 8-Color Afghan. I started it on March 21st and finished it on April 15th. It is made up of 48 squares instead of the original 36 called for.

I also made a few bath items from the Annie's Attic Pamper Yourself booklet. I was able to get it in PDF format from e-Patterns Central, which I love being able to do (no books lying around to trip over). So far I've made the bath mitt, body puff, and soap holder. I believe the back scrubber will be next.

Here's the soap holder made with Lily Sugar'n Cream Cream color and an H/8 hook:

And the bath mitt made with Lily Sugar'n Cream Sunshine and Cream colors and an H/8 hook:

And the body puff made with Elmore Pisgah Peaches & Creme in Gumdrop, with a bit of Fiesta since I ran out of the Gumdrop, and an H/8 hook:

The bath items were easy to make, but the body puff got a bit awkward to hold, especially since I have small hands. It was also a bit more time consuming than I would have liked but it's a good project to pamper yourself with.

A note on e-Patterns Central, when you order the PDF patterns, they are stored in your account so if you ever need them again, they are there waiting for you. They mostly have individual patterns but also have some booklets and magazines (knitting, crochet, beading, etc.). They have patterns for knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, plastic canvas, cross stitch, and crafts.

Shorah Y'all!