Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting back into the painting groove

I've been extremely busy lately but finally have a few minutes to post something.

The Summer issue of Crochet Uncut has been published and it is a very nice issue with plenty of patterns and articles. Go check it out!

Last week I took a two day painting class from Jon McNaughton, a local Provo artist. He does a lot of gorgeous landscapes but his religious art is absolutely breathtaking. I've been wanting to get back into painting since I haven't done anything since 1983 unless it was a digital painting or painting on nested dolls.

Anyway, I finished the painting from class and varnished it last night.

Barn With Flowers

Click on the image to see larger versions if you'd like.

As soon as the varnish is dry, this painting will be on its way to my father for Father's Day.

I've started a second painting, same scene, so I can practice more and improve my techniques. I enjoy using acrylics as there are far fewer smells and stuff that can make me ill.

I'd really like to take one of Jon's three-day workshops, but I'd have to take three days vacation in order to do so. Maybe next year?