Wednesday, January 05, 2011

We may fall but we will save our drinks!

A few weeks ago, after a large amount of snow had fallen, my sister Jessica and I were going out to get some fabric and a few groceries. Since we were also going to Petsmart to get some dog and cat food, we decided to take Mr. Darcy along with us.

Jessica had Darcy on the leash and was also holding a large styrofoam cup filled with iced tea. Darcy was so excited that he dashed down the stairs pulled Jess down the stairs as she slipped on the ice. She landed on her rear on the bottom step, still holding on to the leash and her cup.

This seems to be a family thing since I've fallen many times, usually by slipping on ice, but still managed to hold on to my drink and not spill any of it. Case in point, early last year as I was walking into work with my laptop case and purse over my shoulder, a small bag with my sausage biscuit in it, and a large styrofoam cup of iced tea. I was trying to avoid the icy spots but stepped on a spot of black ice and down I went. When I landed, both legs were spread out in front of me, my left hand had helped cushion my fall a bit, and my right hand was up in the air, with my cup intact. I was also still holding the paper bag and had not landed on the laptop or my purse.

And that's not the first time that has happened either. My mother can tell you that I'm clumsy or not paying attention, or both, so I'm constantly tripping over things, falling up or down stairs, bumping into corners, etc. And, if I'm holding a cup with something in it, I may break a leg but that cup will still be full when it's all over with. I don't think it's a conscious attempt to save the drink as I've thought back afterwards about what happened, it just works out that way.

Of course, now I've jinxed myself and the next time I'll not only drop the drink but land in the spilled contents too.