Thursday, December 30, 2010

Only the beginning of winter and already tired of snow

Today I am stuck at home because of the snow. I left work early yesterday because of the threat of snow and boy am I glad I did! Twenty-five minutes later as I entered Lehi, it began snowing really hard, but more like ice chips than snow. This morning as I tried to leave, the streets were still covered in a layer of ice and snow, then, I couldn't get the doors open on my car as they were frozen shut. So, I'm stuck at home but at least I'm able to get some other things done in the meantime, like catching up on my blog. Of course, all I can think of is the work I need to be doing at the office. It'll get done but not as soon as I'd hoped.

Mr. Darcy loves the snow though. He bounds around the yard, digging his nose in wherever he can, and rolling in the drifts. Last night, the wind was blowing some of the snow around and he was trying to catch the swirls. It was too funny. Truffles thinks he wants outside but as soon as we open the sliding doors, he realizes that it's too cold and there's snow out there. He just turned 19 which is quite old for a cat. There's some white strands of fur among the chocolate and some patches above his eyes that are going bald, but he still seems spry for his age. One of his favorite spots is up on my cutting table where Darcy can't bother him and that's a pretty high jump for him.

Now it's show and tell and up first are my newest paintings, all acrylic on masonite, 11"x14".

From the August class, Sunset:

From the September class, Trick or Treat:

From the October class, Pumpkin Patch:

From my November class, The Wise Men:

And finally from the December class, Christ Head Study:

Along with the Chester painting, I think the head study is one of my favorites. I'm also currently working on a commissioned painting that is coming along more slowly than I'd like but still going well.

These can all be purchased at my Artfire shop or my Artbreak gallery.

My project bags and aprons are selling well, which I'm happy for. I'm also making a few baby blankets and one thing I've found out is that fun fur is not fun while you're working with it. It's bad enough when I'm trying to crochet or knit it, but when you're dealing with fabric ... oh man, it's worse! There's strands of yellow fur all over the place, the stuff stretches and doesn't like to stay in place no matter how many pins I use.

Of course, my dog loves the soft fabric so I have to keep it out of his reach or it won't be fabric for long. For such a small dog, he sure can tear things up! We've bought him toys that are supposed to be "tough" and within an hour or less, he's found the weaknesses in it and there's filling and fabric all over.

Another thing about the blankies is that the fuzzy fabric is so expensive. I'm lucky if I can get away with the fuzzy fabric and backing fabric for $15 and that's if I can get it on sale.

Okay, that's enough for now. I have some fuzzy fabric to wrangle into some semblance of a blanket.