Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tangle Pattern: 2XV Variation

Once again I've been neglecting this blog although I do periodically "think" about it.

I recently purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and have been having a blast using it to practice tangle/doodle patterns with. I've also started a digital pattern library at one of my sites - Fignations of Imaginment. I currently have links to almost 3400 patterns in an Excel spreadsheet so I figure it will take me a while to finish the library.

This evening, I was drawing out the 2XV pattern by TexasDoxieMama and came up with a variation of it that I thought was kind of neat. It's flatter than the 2XV one and has a cool undulating feel to it.

And here is the step out:

When I first got the Surface, I installed Painter 2015 and loaded the scan of a bookmark I'd done a couple of years ago, enlarged it, traced over the loopdy parts, then started to tangle. After four nights work, this was the result:

And the progression images:

If you've ever considered buying a tablet, there's a page on Fignations with tips and tricks for drawing on a pressure-sensitive tablet along with some drawing programs to look at along with their cost.

Enjoy and please visit Fignations to see the pattern library and then let me know what you think!