Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Catch up time ... again!

Finally got the Summer issue of Crochet Uncut published. I didn't get any submissions for it so I took a bit longer to get an extra pattern ready. There are only three patterns in the issue but I think they're ones that will keep folks busy.

The first pattern, and one I'm particularly pleased with is the White Crocodile Purse which uses the Crocodile stitch as the basis for the front flap. The result is an elegant purse that can be made in different colors to match any special outfit.

(Pattern page)

Next is a Lacy Coverup that is more elegant than using a piece of fabric. I included several options for attaching the coverup so you can find the one most comfortable for you. I've worn it several times at work with that pink top and it certainly makes me less self-conscious and gets compliments every time.

Finally, what I called Petal Panty which uses small flower motifs to make a special panty. If you've seen the crocheted lingerie on some Polish sites, this is what inspired me (I am almost half Polish you see ...).

(Pattern page)

I also finished something I've been trying to get done for a while now and that is to get rid of the PDF icon for each pattern as it doesn't work right. I was told it was because I was using non-standard HTML but they couldn't tell me what was the non-standard part. To replace the automatic conversion, I've manually converted each pattern to PDF and added a download link next to the Ravelry project page button. So, if you scroll down a bit on a pattern, locate the Skill level and Ravelry button then click on the PDF icon to download the pattern.

In addition, I shaded every other row in the patterns so they are easier to see. I think this helps quite a bit, especially when looking at the patterns on the web.

I would love to hear what you folks think of having the PDFs available and the row shading added.

The Fall issue of Crochet Uncut is in the works and I have several patterns ready to go. I'm starting off with a motif pattern then making several project based on the motif. I'm also working on a Christmas pattern that I think you'll enjoy.

My painting is going slowly as it has been so hot lately and the window A/C isn't working so well. We've checked the filter and such but so far haven't figured out why it is acting out. So, my studio is not the most comfortable place to work right now.

I did finish a commissioned painting of two dogs that took me way longer than I had planned. This is Sarah and Roger who were best friends before both of them passed over Rainbow Bridge.

I did get some soaps made but haven't had the time or energy to make more plus it's too hot right now to deal with melting soap base in a sweltering kitchen. I'll see if I can get them packaged up and on Artfire soon though. I've also been adding my paintings, bags, aprons, stitch markers, and row counter bracelets to my website, just another place where you can find my stuff. Here's a link if you've never been there - CatBird Studios.

That's all for now and I will definitely try to post more often.