Thursday, October 04, 2012

New Zazzle Items - A Warning and Three Dolphins

I've added a couple of new products to my Zazzle store. The first is perfect for those days when you only have one nerve left and the second is for any dolphin lover.

The warning started out in a thread on and I loved the phrase so much that I re-worded it and put a sign together. The original poster loved it! You can get the warning on a poster, mouse pad, t-shirt, mug, electronics case (laptop, Kindle, iPad, etc.)

The dolphins poster is currently available on a 6"x9" poster, mouse pad, greeting/note card, and postcard. I've also submitted it for a postage stamp but have to wait for it to be approved. I'm currently rendering the image at 20"x16" for a larger poster but based on the current render rate (5% per 24 hours), it won't be ready for another 18 days, minimum.

I originally made this years ago for a co-worker who was adopting two sisters and one of them loved dolphins. She was having a rough time and my co-worker asked if I could make her a dolphin image and this is the result. I didn't want to use the original image since it was just for her so I widened it so more of the scenery was visible. I think it kind of looks like one of those underwater scenes you find on puzzles.

Since these won't show up for about 24 hours:
Oh, side note, for some reason, the right side bar items have been pushed down to below the posts and I can't figure out why yet. I've posted a help request in the user forums and hopefully it will be fixed soon.