Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crochet Uncut Spring 2012 Issue Published

I realized today that I forgot to post here that I'd released the Spring 2012 issue of Crochet Uncut. I posted on Facebook, Ravelry, and Google+, added the photos to Pinterest as well, but forgot to post it here.

Anyway, the issue contains two patterns and a tutorial, again all my designs. All three have symbol crochet charts made using the Crochet Charts software made by Stitch Works Software. If you design crochet, this is an invaluable tool. It really helped me with the design for the Tangleweb Afghan. I did a review of this software in a previous issue of Crochet Uncut and some additional updates have been made since then with more in the works.

The tutorial is for a six pointed star that you join as you go. Make a few of them for a pillow or add more for a wrap or afghan. Use different yarns to get a light wrap or heavier yarn for larger stars.

Star Light Star Bright Tutorial

The first pattern can be made into an afghan, wrap, or scarf. Instructions are provided to make just the size you need. I've already started projects for a baby blanket and a curtain for the back door to keep out the flies while allowing Mr. Darcy to spend time outside without us having to keep an eye on him. I'm also working on a variation to the design for an infinity scarf which I'll probably have up for sale on Ravelry once it's completed.
Tangleweb Afghan modeled by Mr. Darcy

The second pattern is for a bright spring purse that can also be easily modified to be larger or smaller or to change the size of the handles. It's a perfect way to use up a few leftover yards of yarn.
Tincture of Spring Purse

On a side note, I was offered quite a bit of money to sell Crochet Uncut, enough that I could have paid off my bills and moved back to Texas, but I turned the offer down. I talk about it a bit more in the Letter to the Editor for this issue, but I don't intend to sell the site ... ever!

Don't forget to check out the reviews and keep an eye out for some yarn reviews that will be added once the yarn arrives.

And here are the direct links to the patterns:

Remember, all patterns have a downloadable PDF version available. Just look for the PDF icon next to the Ravelry project page button.

I'm also continuing work on the Mrs. Claus Washing pattern. It's on the back burner for a bit but I'm hoping to get back to it soon. The free patterns I design and my painting always seem to take priority over patterns I'm planning on selling.

Oh, and before I forget, please feel free to follow the Pinterest board I created for Crochet Uncut and repin the projects you like. If you have a project you've completed following one of the patterns in Crochet Uncut and would like to have it added to the Pinterest board, send me an IM on Ravelry with a link to the project. Just remember that I can't pin images from Facebook so the image will have to be on located elsewhere in order to be pinned, for example, Ravelry, Flickr, a blog, etc.

Links to our Facebook fan page, Google+ page, Twitter, and Pinterest board can always be found on the left menu on Crochet Uncut.

Hope you enjoy the patterns!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Double-Sided Crochet Tutorial

So, I thought I'd posted this here but can't find it anywhere and since I really don't have a lot of posts, it should have been easy to find if it were here.

Anyway, when I lived closer to Sandy, UT, I'd pop into Unraveled Sheep quite often and even taught some crochet classes there. Twice I've been asked to decipher "old family patterns" and one was the diagonal box stitch and the other was a double sided crochet design with old terms that the lady who brought it in couldn't decipher.

These photos are my results:

The free tutorial is up on Ravelry if you're interested. It makes for a very thick fabric but if you use a thinner yarn, it won't be quite as thick or warm.