Friday, January 02, 2009

All Moved In ...

We're finally moved in to the new place in Lehi, tons of room to spread out in which creates the black hole of new places to lose stuff in and pile stuff on. We're still surrounded by boxes but I'm trying to at least open several a night and put then in the right room - or the room which the box contains the most stuff for anyway. By the week before moving day, I was just throwing what would fit into boxes although Jessica was trying to be more careful. But that's only because she's the one who'll have to do the most unpacking since I'm working full time and she's not.

Truffles is having a ball tearing around the house, especially after he's had a good BM and scaring the crap out of Kaylee, who keeps getting lost. Since she has cataracts and is going deaf, it's hard for her to figure out where we are at any one specific time. I'll be in the bathroom and see her standing up by the bed trying to find me .. poor baby. When we take her out for walkies, she keeps trying to fly off the far end of the porch instead of going down the stairs. She's not fond of stairs because of her hip dysplasia, but there are only two of them which she can manage without any problem. She's already learned not to run flat out when leaving the house as there is a step down, then a short bit of porch, then snow that is two feet high. First time I took her out, she did a major face plant on the porch. She ran out faster than I could stop her but now she hesitates and carefully jumps down before heading off to the far end where she then tries to jump off it.

The house has a really weird layout with the main bathroom in the middle so you have to go around it on the left to get to the den, kitchen, and master bedroom; or through it on the right to do the same thing ... very easy to get lost so it's no wonder Kaylee gets lost.

Truffles is recovering from an abscessed tooth that burst through his cheek. About a week before we moved, Jess noticed that his cheek was puffy and the day before we moved, we took both Truffles and Kaylee to the vet. The doc gave Truff a shot of antibiotics and said that the tooth would need to come out soon so have to start saving for that. Later that evening, Truffles came into my room, jumped up on the bed and sat down by me on the bed. I looked at him and noticed some watery red stuff dripping from his whiskers ... the abscess had burst right through his cheek. Over the next day, we kept it clean and dry and now it seems to be healing. At least until the next time, but hopefully not before I can afford to get the tooth pulled. Truffles is 14 years old and he's getting quite a few gray hairs in his chocolate coat. He's still extremely active with no obvious health issues besides his teeth so we expect to have him around for a very long time.

And I have to get back to work now ...