Sunday, May 25, 2008

Purple Haze Arm Warmers

My newest design is a pair of arm warmers that can be made fitted, loose, or very loose. I used Filatura Di Crossa Multicolor for mine but any fine yarn will work, with a larger hook to give a lacy, soft feel to them. The version below is fitted so it won't flop around but I'm working on a much looser version in a lighter yarn for summer wear in the cool evenings.

I have the pattern up for sale at Ravelry for $1.50, a reasonable price, and only because I need some extra cash right now. I hope you enjoy it!

Shorah Y'all!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Branching Out Scarf

Last night I started on the Branching Out Scarf by Susan Lawrence with the Filatura DiCrossa Multicolor yarn in the Green/Blue/Purple/Pink/Yellow colorway. The photo below is after completing the first 20 rows. The yarn is soft and fluffy and probably not something I should have used for a first lace project. I did have to frog it a few times as I just could not get the stitch count right and kept ending up with too many or too few stitches.

Note to self: Never try to knit by candlelight ...

Queue up on Ravelry
My project on Ravelry

I purchased a purple skein of the same yarn to make the same scarf for my sister, Jessica. She wanted the green one since there was purple in it but I'd already claimed it and Unraveled Sheep only had one skein of each. I'd love to get hold of another skein of the green to make the Silk Sleeves in the One Skein book by Leigh Radford.

While doing some sorting through stuff the other day, I found a purse crochet project I'd started back in June of 2007. I did most of it while on a plane to Seattle and over the weekend there while at a friend's wedding. I'm almost finished with the front of the purse and the back is almost identical and while the pattern called for size 10 crochet thread, I'm using size 20.

The purse pattern is from Annie's Attic # 87Z30, The International Collection of Crochet Patterns.

(Sigh) The photo isn't very good but I never seem to be able to get a good photo of light/white yarns, even when not using a flash.

Queue up on Ravelry
My project on Ravelry

Shorah Y'all!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Finished ... Left Spirogyra Glove

I'm sometimes easily amused and finishing up the left glove of my Spirogyra project has me dancing in the hall, much to the confusion of my Shih Tzu. I was able to get the main part of the mitt done yesterday and finished up the thumb this evening. I love it! Now on to the right glove ...

Here's the glove from yesterday with the thumb still left to do:

And the finished glove on my arm:

And just the glove showing both sides of it:

Dar does happy dance ....!!!

Shorah Y'all!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back to Cris' Arm Warmers

The Patons' SWS was just too itchy even after washing it so I've switched to Mountain Goat yarn from Mountain Colors in Sweetpea. I've finished the left arm warmer and am about to start on the right one. I also submitted the pattern for the CLF book.

WiPs used to finalize pattern:

Green version:

Brown/Navy version:

Shorah Y'all!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Spirogyra Part 3

On the second row after switching to the #2 needles, at exactly the same spot as before, the yarn pulled apart again. I’ve started keeping an eye out for potential sections that might pull apart and twisting the yarn a bit to give it a bit more strength. So far I haven't had any more do this but I've probably jinxed myself by saying that ... The short mitts have 20 rows of pattern with the longer version having 50 rows, so I decided to go with 30 rows to get it a bit in between, especially since I have short arms. Next, I’ll switch back to the #3 needles for the lower hand section but need to stop for a bit as the fingertip of the finger I hold around the needle with on my left hand is numb and I need to wait until I get the feeling back in it.

Here's the mitt so far ...

And trying it on ....

Shorah Y'all!