Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ruffled Hat & Completed Yarn Quest

I finished the hat I started while waiting for my car's A/C to be fixed. It's adorable and the Bernat Baby Jacquard is so soft!

Ravelry Project Page

I picked up some gorgeous yarn while completing the local Yarn Quest. At Three Wishes Fiber Arts in West Jordan, I picked up three skeins of ONline Linie 12 Clip for $4.99 each, in pink, green, and yellow. At The Needlepoint Joint in Ogden I picked up two skeins of the Tahki Cotton Classic in a light green that I've been trying to find. At the Needlepoint Joint, I also found a book I'd been thinking about getting, "50 Baby Booties to Knit" by Zoe Mellor. I'lll probably do at least one of them in the Bernat Berries & Cream Baby Jacquard to match the hat above. I also saw a cute little knitted dress in the window there and bought the pattern. It is called "Spring Flowers" by Fiber Trends. At the Black Sheep Wool Company in SLC, I found a Dale of Norway pattern book with some adorable knit patterns for babies.

My sister Jessica came with me on the quest as did my dog, Kaylee. She was oohed and aahed over at each store and even piddled on the carpet at Three Wishes since she'd smelled the owner's male dog scent in the store.

When we walked into the store, I saw they had several looms on the left with a wall of yarn for weaving. I told them that they were officially my second favorite store because of the weaving supplies they had. "What would it take to make us your favorite store?" one of the ladies asked. I laughed and said they couldn't as The Unraveled Sheep was my favorite.

All of the stores in the quest were wonderful places, everyone was extremely friendly and helpful, and all had crochet sections which I appreciated.

Now, I can only cross my fingers that we win one of the wonderful prizes from the quest!!!!

Shorah Y'all!


Kristi's Blog said...

Hey Darlisa...I love your hat. I just started knitting a baby blanket with the baby jacquard in spearmint. So far there is no pattern to the yarn and I'm afraid it's going to turn out hidious...any suggestions?

Dar said...

It may be that a blanket is too wide to show the pattern. On the hats, the bands are only 2.5" wide and about 13" long. Maybe try making squares about 12"x12" and then sewing them together. Or 12" wide strips. That should give you smaller areas to show the pattern.