Monday, November 10, 2008

Painting Nested Dolls

Zim's Crafts went out of business on 11/1 which is a sad day for everyone who shopped there. They were the only place I could find the blank nested boxes I need for my nesting doll sets. I was in the store in August, just after I was laid off, and all their blanks were on sale for $1, instead of the usual $5 price. The manufacturer where they got the boxes had gone out of business and they were clearing out their stock. I splurged and bought most of what they had and now have a stash of the blanks.

Of course, when I moved to Utah, I gave all my paints to my sister, Jenny, so, I'm now trying to get my paint supply back up to par so I can paint a few for Christmas and hopefully sell them. I went to Robert's Crafts this evening (I got my first paycheck from my new job - Praise the Lord for that blessing!) and all the 2 oz. acrylic paints were $.99, regular $1.39. So, I was able to get almost 50 bottles instead of the 30-35 I was planning on getting.

Now, the only thing I need to find is my purple craft box that has the patterns for the nested Nativity set I need to finish up. What is really sad is that the box is not small ... it's 19"x10"x11" and not something you'd think would just up and disappear - but it has (sigh). It's probably behind a stack of boxes that I had packed stuff away in.

If you'd like to see some photos of a couple of the sets, they're up on my etsy shop. As soon as I paint some more, I'll post photos here as the ones on etsy are from several years ago.

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