Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Getting Loopy and other stuff

I'm usually a very mellow individual, not much gets me excited or angry, but every so often something happens that makes me totally giddy. I've been listening to the archived podcasts at Getting Loopy and PM'd Mary Beth on Ravelry telling her that I'd been listening to them at work. While I love my work as a tech writer, it can be pretty tedious at times and having something cool to listen to helps the day go faster. Anyway, MB asked me to be her guest on Getting Loopy on April 20th to talk about Crochet Uncut and whatever else comes up. If I weren't so tired right now, I'd be squeeing.

Besides work, I've been keeping busy with several projects, one of which is continuing to set up my craft room. I still have a lot of stuff in boxes, especially books and haven't yet been able to get my looms and sewing desk in there. Soon my precious ... soon ...

Another project has been rendering the Flamie awards in larger sizes and printing them out for the winners who want them. I had to go buy all new ink cartridges since the ones in the printer had been there since before I'd moved to Utah and had dried up. I figure I can get about 10 awards printed before I have to change cartridges again. The ink isn't easy to find since the printer has been replaced with a newer version and I've only been able to find them at Office Max for about $15 each. Since I need 7 different colors (not including the gloss cartridge), that's $105 for the ink plus the photo paper, cardboard, envelopes, and shipping. I'm only charging $10 per printout, $18 if the person won two awards, so I'm actually losing a bit on this deal but it is totally worth it!

A third project has been updating my art website, Fignations of Imaginment. It's been a very long time since I've added anything to it and I never actually finished the previous revamp. I figured it was time to finish it up and get rid of some old stuff that isn't useful anymore. I'd forgotten that my Bryce preset pages were still there and since the files are now included as default presets in Bryce since version 5.5, the pages need to be deleted from the server. It's not like it hasn't been two years already.

Oh, something else - since I've caught up on the Getting Loopy podcasts, I've started downloading and listening to Lime & Violet and thankfully have 85 episodes to get through. I was able to listen to three of them today and spent too much time laughing and trying to do it without bothering my office mates. I'm totally addicted already.

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