Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Playing with Colored Pencils

I've had a set of Prismacolor Colored Pencils for about three years but just recently started using them with my tangles. I also purchased some books and have been watching tutorials on drawing with them. Still have a long way to go but feel I'm making progress.

I couldn't sleep Sunday night as I'd slept most of the day (bronchitis can really kick your butt) so I worked on a fall leaf drawing from one of the books I'd received. I brought it to work and my friend/co-worker Caye said, "I hate you. Can I have it?" Apparently it matches her d├ęcor.

Fall Leaf, 9"x12", Colored Pencil on Bristol Paper

Today, two more books were delivered so found some cherries to practice on in one of them. Not too happy with my result but will keep on practicing.

Cherries, 3.5"x3", Colored Pencil on Bristol Paper

Off to find more stuff to practice on!

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