Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sanity Check ...

I had a blog once that announced the new artwork, tutorials, and downloads on my site, but it faded away as I redesigned the site several times. I decided to try again after dealing with a pulmonary embolism last week and will hopefully put down my thoughts on my artwork and crafts but I may ramble sometimes (much like now).

Being creative is my sanity check, hence the "dangling" part of my blog title. I also do a variety of crafts, including painting and fiber arts and that's the "painted thread" part of the title. My friend Toob came up with the name after I mentioned a possible title of "Keeping My Sanity" which was amusing but not a great title.

Now about me, in case you're interested. I live just south of Houston, Texas and work on the International Space Station Program as a Technical Services Specialist. I have an Associates in Computer Information Systems from a now defunct Junior College and a Bachelors in Information Technology, Web Management emphasis from the University of Phoenix. I'm currently working on a second degree in Art at the University of Houston - Clear Lake. I also work part-time for DAZ Productions as their Bryce Coordinator and write articles for Maxon, plus, I make baby hats and afghans whenever I can for All Crafts 4 Charity, an online group of crafters who make items for charities and such.

As part of the art classes, I learned how to weave on a loom, something I'd always been interested in. I found a homemade floor loom on ebay and recently found a Schacht Table Loom there as well. You can see my class projects in my Crafts, Class, and Weaving galleries. In addition to weaving, I crochet, make Hardanger lace, make Ukrainian Easter Eggs (pysanky), sew, do paper cutting, cross stitch, paint Nested Dolls, and create art using the computer. For the digital art, I use Bryce (my first love), Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop CS, Painter, DAZStudio, Poser, MojoWorld, Cinema 4D, BodyPaint 3D, ZBrush, and Sterling (a fractal program).

I also love playing computer games with my favorites being any Myst game. I'm currently obsessed with Until Uru and hang out on the Tapestry Shard (visit the site) when in cavern. I'm Guild Master of the Guild of Artisans there and we even have our own neighborhood on the shard.

Well, that should be enough for now. Let's see how it goes ....

Shorah Y'all!