Saturday, June 18, 2005

Tablerunner in process

I've finally made some progress on my tablerunner. I have the loom all dressed and about 30 inches of it woven. There's a flame stitch that started out from my misreading the treadling draft, but I liked it so continued with that for just over 15 inches, then switched to the correct treadling to get the Periwinkle design.

You can see more images of the process at my site (along with a better version of the photo above) - Tablerunner pics - click on Next until you reach the tablerunner10.html page.

I'm really enjoying working on the Schacht Table Loom especially since I purchased the stand. Since the loom is an older one, I had to buy a drill bit (already had the drill) and drill holes for the stand. I used a trick I've seen on different woodworking shows and placed tape on the drill where I needed to stop. Worked beautifully.

Shorah Y'all!