Sunday, March 27, 2011

Painting hung and sewing news

I was finally able to put Dora Woodrum's painting over the fireplace. It's not hung yet but leaning up against the wall since I'm not sure I can leave it there because of an outlet behind the center piece which may be a fire hazard. If not, I'll move it to my bedroom across from my bed where I can see it all the time. I just love this painting!!!

Since meeting Dora on the HGTV Blog, we've become friends and exchange messages on Facebook and Twitter. I hope one day to meet this amazing lady.

On a side note, I was able to get my new sewing machine out of layaway at Nuttalls which is near me in American Fork, UT. Awesome place, tons of fabric and machines, classes, helpful people, and they let me bring my dog inside. He's only peed in there once on a plastic display and they just laughed. Apparently another dog had done the same thing and Mr. Darcy had to respond like the gentleman he is. They have some sweet embroidery machines that would be a dream to have but a very faint dream for me right now. (sigh)

The new machine is a Brother Limited Edition Project Runway Innov-ís 40. My old machine is a Kenmore 30-stitch that is at least 20 years old. It still works great and was recently serviced but it was just too slow for me now. My mother has a Kenmore that they purchased when I was about four or five and it still works too. It has these awesome cams that fit into the top of the machine in order to make fancy embroidery stitches. Of course, this was because computerized machines were a far distant thing but I loved using the different cams when I was sewing. Mom taught me how to sew when I was nine and I've been sewing on and off since then, including two years in the Costume Department at Bob Jones University as a student worker.

I was able to buy some soap making supplies yesterday, not the good stuff but enough to get me started. Hopefully I'll have some made within the next few weeks and up for sale at my Artfire store.

That's it for now as I need to go paint ...

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