Friday, March 18, 2011

This weekend is for finishing

I'm working on several paintings, one from my class this week, one from last month that needs a few final touches, an abstract that I think needs a splash of color, and a commissioned painting (that is super secret).

Hopefully I can finish most of them this weekend and post those that I can. I probably won't be taking another class until October since I need to go to the November Masterpiece class and can't afford to go to the classes each month and still pay for the masterpiece one.

I finally talked to Jon McNaughton about an apprenticeship which I'd been putting off because of the time involved and needing to attend workshops. I felt that I needed to get a good foundation in technique in the classes before I went all out since I'd have to stop the monthly classes for a while in order to pay for the masterpiece class.

I now am trying to make sure I get in at least 10 hours of painting a week, which I'm still struggling with since I've been on a Spring cleaning binge. I've been going through boxes that haven't been opened since I moved to Lehi or since I moved to Utah in 2006. If I haven't used it, thought of it, or needed it in two or more years, then I probably don't need it. I have boxes of receipts that need to go, home decor objects I don't use anymore, craft items, computer items (cords, connectors, modems, etc.), books, and more that are heading to a future yard sale or local thrift store.

The main consolation in this besides getting rid of stuff is that I'm probably driving my sister crazy with it all, especially when I drag her into helping out ... mwaaahahahahahaha!

Okay, lunch break is over, so back to documenting stuff.

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