Saturday, September 03, 2011

All Dresses Finally Finished!

Tadah!!!! Took me long enough but all dresses are finally done.

First, I finished a dress for Kasia that I'd actually almost finished a week or so ago. It just needed a hook and eye added. This is the same pattern as I'd made for her before, but added little ruffled sleeves to it.

McCalls 5835

Next, I made a two dress set for Anya and Gabriella. A rose dress with little caplet sleeves and a matching "slip" dress. I added pockets to the slip dress since you can never have too many pockets. (Sorry for the fuzzy photo of the green slip dress. It didn't want to cooperate.)

Both can be worn separately or the slip dress worn under the rose dress. So cute as the green ruffle of the slip dress peeks out under the rose dress.

Simplicity 5226

Next, a dress for Isabella, to match the outfit I'd originally made for her but I think is now too small and will go to Zosia instead.

New Look 6877

Finally, I made a dress and pinafore for Isabella. The dress can be worn alone and the matching panties can be switched out depending on how she wants to wear them. I also made a pinafore to go with it if a bit of extra warmth (or cuteness) is needed.

Simplicity 9784

Hopefully I'll have all the dresses packed up and shipped out sometime next week.

All total I made 13 dresses, 2 pinafores, 5 panties, and 3 hats.

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