Saturday, September 17, 2011

Previews of the dresses

Got some photos of my little cousin Anya wearing some of the dresses I sent. The other girls haven't had a chance to see their's yet but they plan on getting together so they can take group photos. Sarah also sent me a short video of Anya in the dress with the green bodice and pink flowers, but not a photo of it. Anyway, here's Anya wearing the roses dress, matching green pinafore, and the pink paisley dress. I added matching reversible purses for each dress (except for the baby) as a surprise.

Sarah also sent me a photo (finally!) of Anya wearing the dress I crocheted for her. She's been able to wear it for three years already and I think that if they add a pink shrug with a button closure in the front, then she should be able to wear it a bit longer before passing it on to another cousin.

Am so looking forward to seeing pics of the other girl's in their new dresses.


Mary Jane Hall said...

That is a cute, cute crochet dress. Did you design it Darlisa?

Dar said...

I made this long before I started designing. It's the Swingy Sundress by Joyce Nordstrom in the May/June 2008 issue of Crochet Today!