Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Crochet Uncut Summer 2013 Issue Released

I admit, it took a long time to get this issue out. Not long after I released the last issue, I lost my job and moved from Utah back to Texas, Austin to be exact. I've spent most of the time looking for work, working contract jobs (some of which required anywhere from one to two hour commutes - one way), and trying to find the time to come up with designs, make them, and do reviews. I finally found some part time work, which still requires a one hour commute. Unfortunately, the job is not technical writing but it's a job, I enjoy it, and it pays the few bills I have left.

Anyway, the Summer issue is finally finished and released and includes reviews of some of Windy Valley Muskox yarns and some of the Crochet Dude's crochet supplies. You'll also find a tutorial on figuring out how to use the Crocodile Stitch to make an edging for a pillow. I had to figure out the edging for the ring bearer pillow for my nephew Cody's wedding.

Crocodile Stitch Pillow Edging
The patterns in this issue are a Windy Prairie Scarf made using one of the Windy Valley yarns and a Crocodile Stitch Kerchief. Both patterns are easily adapted to make them larger or smaller. The scarf can be worn in a variety of ways and I've included several photos to show them off.

Windy Prairie Scarf
Crocodile Kerchief
And here are the direct links to the patterns:

As usual, all patterns can be downloaded as PDFs and have links to their Ravelry pattern page. In addition, they all contain symbol charts which can be downloaded separately. They've also been added to the Pinterest board, Google+ group, and Facebook fan page.

Links to our Facebook fan page, Google+ page, Twitter, and Pinterest board can always be found on the left menu on Crochet Uncut.

Enjoy the patterns and reviews!

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