Saturday, April 16, 2005

Back to Weaving

Yesterday I stopped by the Mall of the Mainland here in Texas City. It's literally across the street from the development I just moved in to. I purchased a small Bible to fit in my purse and the gentleman at the counter invited me to the church meeting that they currently hold in the back of the store. The church my parents helped start back in the early 70s started in a storefront, so I just might go tomorrow.

Today I was up by 9:15 am but only because my boyfriend is a morning person and thinks that I should be up by then (I detest mornings). Anyway, he came over to see the new house then I headed out to La Porte after he left. Of course, now that I'm not in Clear Lake anymore, the trip is a lot longer than before. I was going to the Upstairs Studio where I get most of my thread and supplies for weaving. I needed some more heddles for the Schacht Table Loom I won on eBay and a floor stand for it. I also got some flat shuttles for the floor loom so I can return the one I borrowed from the University of Houston - Clear Lake. The studio also gives me a discount because I'm a student (woot!).

On the way, I stopped at the sporting goods store in Seabrook for some fishing weights. The #2 frame on the floor loom doesn't like to drop and it breaks the rhythm when I have to push it down manually. My brother-in-law is determined to fix that plus repair part of the base that UPS broke in transit. He thinks he can get it to work more smoothly and I sure hope he's right.

I need to decide on a final design for my pillows and get the warp strung up on the warping board. Of course, I still need to find my bobbins which are packed away somewhere in the garage. I purchased some 8/2 Tencel from Camilla Valley Farm, a Spruce Green and a Natural. I'm thinking I'll need to double up the warp at the sides for strength and am considering sleying two threads per reed. Otherwise the weave will be too loose and I'll be more likely to pull in too tightly.

For now, I need to work on a tutorial so the weaving will have to wait but I'm one step closer to getting back to it.

Shorah Y'all!

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