Monday, April 18, 2005

Looms and Gardening

Some of the members of the Weaving message list on Yahoo have been discussing how their looms have taken over their houses. Now I only have two looms, one is a floor loom that is in my bedroom while the new table loom is currently in my dining area but as soon as my stand comes in from Schacht, it too will go in my bedroom. The craft room is way too small to put the looms there and with the computer desks in the living room, I just couldn't handle having the looms in there as well.

Now on to the house. One of my coworkers gave me a $50 Home Depot Gift Card as a housewarming gift so I stopped by HD the other day but really didn't find anything I wanted then realized I could rent a tiller for the back yard. (Was that a run on sentence or what? :P ) I want to plant some wild flowers in the area where no grass is and it's too slow to do it manually. The flowers will be there as a temporary soil retainer until I can afford to really landscape the yard.

Whatever contractor they had lay down the grass did a terrible job. It's lumpy, with low and high spots that we keep tripping over. Plus, it's St. Augustine grass which I don't care for ... well, actually ... I don't care for grass at all. So I need to do a design for the yard that gets rid of as much grass as possible. Most of the bushes they put in front of the house will go as well but the forsythia bush and the live oak tree will stay (love oak trees). I also want to find a dogwood tree that will grow here. The ones I'm used to and love from Alabama just doesn't seem to like this area ... probably too "mushy" of a soil or something.

A pond is another thing I've always wanted to have and a swing and lots of flowers and maybe a small vegie garden as well. We'll see what happens.

Shorah Y'all!

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