Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Irish Hiking Wrist Warmers

So ... yesterday, I frogged the dishcloth as it was too boring (I can't stand doing repeats of the same stitch for hours on end) and started making the Irish Hiking Wrist Warmers by Delia Rau (Ravelry Pattern Page). I picked this pattern because I'm obsessed with wrist warmers, I had the right weight yarn, and the knitting needles matched the only pair I've been able to find in all my boxes.

The photo below shows the first wrist warmer after I'd finished just over 2 repeats of the pattern. I'm hoping to finish the set within a couple of weeks, in between everything else that is. I'm using the yarn left over from making Britney's socks and it is so soft!

I have to stop browsing the patterns at Ravelry. I'm finding so many wonderful patterns that I'll never be able to make or wear. (sigh)

Shorah Y'all!

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