Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sante Fe Phone Cozy ...

I showed my first cozy to several co-workers and one said that she wanted one, so this evening I pulled some yarn out of my stash (I'm looking for projects to use up some of my stash) and made her a phone cozy. The yarn is a discontinued Lion Brand Jiffy (color: Sante Fe). When I was in Houston, Michael's had them at a large discount because they were being discontinued and I bought all they had.

Anyway, while making this cozy, I realized I'd made an error in my original pattern and was able to fix it. Hopefully, Amanda will love it (although I'm not that crazy about the beads I used but they were all I had). Hmmm ... may have used too much color correction on the photo ... ah well.

Shorah Y'all!

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