Friday, March 28, 2008

A new knitting project

I'm a bit behind posting this but I finished the second Irish Hiking Wrist Warmer on 5/23/08 and have been wearing them ever since. It started to get warm here and then yesterday morning, it snowed again. Most of it was gone by noon but has stayed cold since and the "warehouse" where my cube is stays a bit chilly.

After work today, I stopped by the Unraveled Sheep yarn store in Sandy. My sister Jessica asked if she'd failed in her mission and Verla (the owner) asked what that mission was. "To keep me out of here!" I told her. Of course, she then showed me the new sock yarn that had just come in and I was so tempted but I was looking for yarn to make the Spirogyra Fingerless Gloves by Lynne Vogel. I ended up selecting some Noro Silk Garden Lite, colorway 2029 which is variegated with green, pink, purple, and orange. It is wonderfully soft and is made up of 45% silk, 45% kid mohair, and 10% lamb's wool. Verla showed me a purse made with this yarn that had been put through a wash cycle. It had softened up even more with barely any shrinkage.

I also showed Verla my finished wrist warmers and she said I was doing great for a beginning knitter.

The photo below shows my start on the Spirogyra gloves after the first six rows of ribbing. Next row starts the actual pattern. A pretty good start for a second knitting project!

I'll post more photos as I progress.

Spirogyra pattern at Knittyspin: Spring 2008 - free pattern
Spirogyra page at Ravelry

Shorah Y'all!

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