Saturday, September 27, 2008

Squid-O-Licious Socks & CLF Book

I bought two skeins of sock yarn from in her Squid-O-Licious colorway. The yarn is 75% Merino and 25% Nylon and squishy soft.

I decided to use one skein to make a pair of arm warmers and the second skein to make a pair of socks. Starting with the socks, I selected the Ultimate Crocheted Socks by Dorothy Hardy. I started out making the large size but they were too large so I frogged the sock and started over making the small size. The instructions have you stop 2.5" from the back of the heel then begin increasing for the gusset however, this made the sock too long and too big. I frogged again until I was 3" from the back of the heel and this time it worked perfectly, well except for doing the heel wrong because I didn't read the pattern erratas in the comments. The cuff is a ribbing but since I wanted a looser cuff, I did a simple ch2, sc in each st around. I'm to the gusset on the second sock and once it is done, I'll have a comfy pair of scrumptious footies. I just love how the pink and lime sections form gorgeous wavy stripes up the foot.

Now, for the "Crochet Liberation Front First Ever Book" which has just been published! I have a pattern in the book for arm warmers and one of the ones I made (the green one) is on the back cover of the book. If you love crochet, then you must get this book. It has patterns, stories, and tips & tricks.

Shorah Y'all!

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