Thursday, August 11, 2011

How my cat helps me sew

This evening I was cutting out another little dress and, as usual, my cat Truffles decided to help. When he wasn't sitting on the fabric or pattern pieces, he was helping me place pins by nudging my hand to the correct location. Truffles is 19 in people years and the gray hairs have started to show up among the dark chocolate. Truffles has dark chocolate fur with a milk chocolate under coat, which is how he got his name. I've had him since he was four when a co-worker at Boeing needed to find a home for him after he got married and his wife was allergic to cats. Even though I'm also allergic to cats (and dogs), I really needed a cat at the time and agreed to adopt him. Fortunately, God found me the perfect cat as I don't seem to have any problems around him. Get me around just about any other cat and most dogs, and my hands and eyes start itching and swelling, the nose starts running ...

Here is Truffles helping me figure out where to place the pattern pieces:

And here he is taking a short break while trying to figure out why Mr. Darcy was moving around in his bed:

And finally, here he is holding down the fabric so it doesn't slide off the table:

Fortunately, Truffles doesn't mess with my yarns, unlike Mr. Darcy who has been known to chew through projects and yarn balls, especially if they have wool or alpaca in them, and hopelessly tangle recalcitrant skeins.

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