Saturday, August 06, 2011

Sewing for Family

My cousin Marci has asked me to make some costumes for some of her models to wear. The pattern she picked out is from pioneer days with a dress, chemise, and pantaloons. I'll be making three sizes and with the different pieces, she can get several different outfits from them. I'll also be replacing buttons and elastic with ribbons that she can change out for different colors and fit models that may be almost too big for one size but way too small for the next size.

Marci is an amazing artist and has won multiple awards and mentions for her work. Take a look at her stuff at her site - Marci Oleszkiewicz (betcha can't spell that last name with your eyes closed!). I love looking at her paintings and figuring out which family member she painted! I live so far away from all my family that it delights me to see them this way.

I spent this morning at JoAnn and Hancock Fabrics getting cream and white broadcloth for the outfits. With coupons and my VIP discount from Artfire, I saved about $20 from what I'd thought it would cost. Plus, I was able to get the patterns directly from McCalls for $3.99 as part of their BMV Club, plus $4 shipping for the two pattern packets. The pattern retails for $15.95 and even with Hancock's daily discount of 40%, I saved $8 even with shipping added in.

I also need to finish an outfit for my cousin Tony's little girls (just needs buttons), and cut out and sew two outfits, one for cousin Sarah's little girl and one for cousin Tony's older girl. Next, I hope to get two outfits for cousin Katie's two little girls. I've been trying to get them done for a while and finally decided that it was now or never.

Okay, off to pull the first load of fabric from the washing machine and into the dryer and start the second load .. then ironing will ensue ... :P

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