Saturday, January 05, 2008

Photos of current projects

As promised, there are some photos of some of my current/recent projects.

I went on a granny square dishcloth binge although these are nice enough to use as washcloths. I gave away several to some neighbors for Christmas and they loved them. I used cotton yarn and a fairly large crochet hook.

The office can get quite cold, especially for those sitting near the front entrance so I made myself and my sister some wrist warmers. I usually wear a light pink pair made with fine worsted, but it is too light to photograph well and needs to be washed since I wear them constantly.

The images below show a green pair I made in a heavier worsted weight yarn. The pattern is from Ruthie's Crocheted Accessories booklet but I increased the length from the default 12 rows to 20 rows and added a second row at the top above the thumb opening. My next set will be for a coworker and then I'll work on making some gloves with no fingertips.

The following project is a either a lap blanket or wrap I'm making on a knitting loom. The pattern switches between a ribbed stitch and a reverse ribbed stitch which makes "holes" in the pattern. The detail below this image shows the pattern.


I don't have photos yet of the green granny square afghan but I'll have one soon.

Shorah Y'all!

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