Friday, January 25, 2008

Tangled Thread Project #1

Periodically I'll post a project that I've tried out and can recommend that others try as well. I'll try as much as possible to post free projects that I've found so they are easily found and won't cost you anything to get except for printing them out.

These will be posted as a Tangled Thread Project along with links to the project.

The first Tangled Thread Project is the Vanna's Choice 8-color Afghan which can be found online at and is shown below. The pattern is suggested for an experienced crocheter but is really simple enough for an intermediate crocheter to make. The colors are so jewel-like and are gorgeous together. It works up fast (I can make four squares an evening) and the Vanna's Choice yarn is a joy to work with. I'll post some photos of the squares I've made as soon as I can.

Pattern correction:


Rnd 4: Join C in any ch-3 sp, ch 3 (counts as dc), [1 dc, ch 3, 1 dc] into same sp, ...


Rnd 4: Join C in any ch-3 sp, ch 3 (counts as dc), [1 dc, ch 3, 2 dc] into same sp, ...


  1. I found it easiest to crochet all four rosettes for each color set first, then the next color in the set, then the next color, etc. This allowed me to finish each color for a set before moving on to the next color.
  2. When starting the center rosette, place the yarn end next to the chain loop and crochet over it as you go. This will automatically weave in the yarn end. Do not cut off the end of the yarn until after the rosette is completed and the other end yarn is woven in.
  3. Once each rosette is completed, weave in the yarn end down through one of the petals and then through the center ring loops. Go the opposite direction that the beginning yarn end was crocheted into the loop, holding the first yarn end as needed to keep it from pulling. When you reach the point where you started the first treble crochet, go under a few more loops and tug lightly to close up the gap. Trim both yarn ends.
  4. After completing row 3, weave in the beginning yarn end of row 2. Do not weave in the yarn end for row 3. Instead, hold it against the top of the row and crochet over it as you add row 4. Do the same for row 5.
  5. When starting rows 4 and 5, start at the opposite side of where you ended the previous row. After joining the yarn, lay the yarn end for the current row along the top of the previous row and crochet over it as you go. When you get to the yarn end from the previous row, crochet over it as you go (tip 4 above). This will leave only the yarn end from row 5 to weave in with a needle. Suggest weaving in the end for row 5 in the opposite direction of the beginning yarn end.
Shorah Y'all!

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