Friday, January 04, 2008

Almost two years ...

Well, it's been almost two years since I updated this blog and I must stop procrastinating about keeping it up!!!

I've been very busy this last year after leaving my job at Boeing, where I worked on the Space Station Program for 16.5 years and started working for DAZ 3D as their QA Manager. This meant a move from Houston to the Salt Lake City area in December of 2007. A few months ago, I wiggled my way out of the manager's position and am now happily ensconced as the lead technical writer where I get to write/update most of the software documentation. Talk about bliss!

I've also been hard at work with some crochet projects and a cross stitch project. I made some wrist warmers for myself and my sister and a coworker wants me to make her a pair as well. I'm also making a pair of socks for another coworker that are long enough to cover her knees. I've never made socks before but am quite proud of the results so far.

I also discovered the new Vanna's Choice yarn from Lion Brand and fell head over heels in love with the colors. I've started a granny square afghan using the honey, pea green, dusty green, and olive colors. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

I'll post some photos of the projects as soon as I can but I've lost the recharge cord for my camera ... I may have left it in Seattle ....

Shorah Y'all!

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